CEDD Materials on Climate Change

The  Climate Change Education Initiative team of the National Council of Science Education, funded by NASA, has developed 8 self-contained modules for undergraduate general education on climate change.  The modules,  using NASA data and web materials,   is presently available on the Encyclopedia of Earth.  They include:

NASA Time Machine –

Climate Change Impacts on Colorado River water supply –

Seasonality –

Introduction to Remote Sensing Metrics –

Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing

Ice Core Data  –

Recent Climate Change

Climate Change and Wine –

Educators will have access to a parallel web portal to assist in course development.  An additional web portal permits communication among students at participating institutions.  Online pre- and post-course assessments are available to determine student knowledge and attitudes about climate change. There are also online post-module assessments for each unit.  Instructors will obtain data from their institution and aggregate summaries.  Each unit has been tested at the author’s institution and we now are recruiting additional faculty members to utilize the materials in their classes.  This development was funded by a NASA Global Climate Change Education grant “Creation and Dissemination of an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate General Education Course on Climate ChangeNNX09AL64G.



The following link will allow you to access the webinar on using the NASA material.


For assistance, contact:

Andy Jorgensen, Department of Chemistry, University of Toledo,

andy.jorgensen@utoledo.edu  419-530-4579


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