Introducing the Washington Geoengineering Consortium

Dear colleagues —

Climate GeoengineeringI’ve been working with Simon Nicholson and Michael Thompson at American University on a new initiative we’re calling the Washington Geoengineering Consortium (WGC). The purpose of the Initiative is NOT to advocate for climate geoengineering; rather, it’s our feeling that the topic is being discussed in earnest in many venues, and we want to ensure transparency and full-throated debate. WGC has a website that is growing quite quickly in terms of coverage and scope:

We’re eager to make sure that the resources we are developing are relevant to those of you who talk about climate geoengineering in your classrooms or who are conducting research on the topic. We have already prepared a comprehensive timeline on geoengineering and a collection of legal resources. The site also has a busy blog, podcasts, and the like.

We’re hoping to learn from you, what kinds of resources would you like to see on a site like this one?

We’d also like to know, from those of you who have engaged classes in conversations about climate geoengineering or other complex and fraught technologies, what has worked well? What do you do to make such conversations worthwhile and compelling? One of our aims, ultimately, is to provide assistance as colleagues develop course units and perhaps entire courses on climate geoengineering. To that end, can you share resources and tips with us?

Please send any ideas directly to me and I’ll share them on the blog:

Dr. Wil Burns
Co-Executive Director, Washington Climate Geoengineering Consortium
A Scholarly Initiative of the School of International Service, American University
2650 Haste Street
Berkeley, CA 94720
650.281.9126 (Phone)

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