Another Perspective on Copenhagen

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Climate Change
Copenhagen: Collapse at the summit, rank-and-file victory
Daniel Tanuro
We knew the United Nations summit in Copenhagen would not conclude with a new [...]

Public Perception: Experts & Opinions

Last week Wil Burns commented on the “climate-gate” controversy noting that it is an important issue because “perception can be reality.”  A couple of recent news articles shed a bit of light on just how important this may be.  The Washington Post reports poll results showing that “four in 10 Americans now saying that they place [...]

Lester Brown’s Plan B

Lester Brown’s Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing Now to Save Civilization is now available online. The chapters on climate change are excellent, including some really inspiring prescriptions for addressing the issue that could be good readings for students toward the end of a course when they may be feeling pretty bummed about their future

Spencer Weart’s New Hypertext Supplement

Many of you have probably used Spencer Weart’s The Discovery of Global Warming in your classes; the book, now in its second edition, remains the definitive source on the history of climate change scientific research, as well as one of the best sources for explaining the operation of GCMs. Now, Weart has developed an extensive [...]