Article Responding to Skeptics’ Arguments

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For those of you looking for an excellent piece confronting the most pervasive arguments of climate skeptics, Scientific American has published an excellent new piece: Rennie, Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense, Nov. 30, 2009. The article responds to seven skeptic arguments:

  1. GHGs are too minor a part of the atmosphere to be driving warming;
  2. The alleged “hockey stick” graph of temperatures over the past 1600 has been disproven;
  3. Climate change stopped a decade ago;
  4. The sun or cosmic rays are likely the primary cause of warming;
  5. Climatologists conspire to hide the truth by denying others access to their datasets;
  6. Climatologists have a vested interest in being alarmists;
  7. Technological fixes, e.g. geoengineering would be a more viable and cost-beneficial way to address climate change than mitigation measures.

The online article also has hyperlinks to more detailed studies on many of these issues.

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