Ocean Iron Fertilization and Potential Toxic Diatom Production

A new study on the potential impacts of ocean iron fertilization (OIF), one of the potential “long wave” geoengineering options, has been published this week in  PNAS: Trick, et al., Iron Enrichment Stimulates Toxic Diatom Production in High-Nitrate, Low Chlorophyll Areas, PNAS Early Edition (March 15, 2010) (open access).
The researchers examined the potential impact of [...]

Invitation: Second Annual W&L School of Law Energy, Climate, and Environment Symposium This Friday

Please join us for the second annual symposium of the Washington and Lee University School of Law’s Journal of Energy, Climate, and Environment (JECE) and the Environmental Law Society (ELS) entitled: The Intersection of Renewable Energy Development and Geoengineering. The symposium will take place on Friday, March 19, 2010, from 9 am to [...]