Ocean Acidification and Benthic Organisms

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed.Another excellent piece on the potential impacts of ocean acidification on ocean ecosystems was published recently in Nature Geoscience, Andy Ridgwell & Daniela N. Schmidt, Past Constraints on the Vulnerability of Marine Calcifiers to Massive Carbon Dioxide Release, 3 Nature Geoscience 196-200 (Feb. [...]

Curriculum video on teaching environmental law in an era of climate change

The one and a half hour video recording of the 12th Annual Professors’ Workshop, Curriculum Adaptation: Teaching Environmental Law in an Era of Climate Change and Other Global Challenges held at Pace Law on February 19, 2010 is now available! Go to www.law.pace.edu/nelmcc and click Professor’s Workshop on the left.
Attended by over 30 faculty members who [...]