Call for Research Assistance

Dear Colleagues,

Matt Hoffmann, Mat Paterson and I would like to ask for some research assistance from those of you attending COP-15 in Copenhagen. We are doing a project on the role of the carbon market as a policy response to  climate change and are interested in the extent to which people are  talking about the market (financing, CDM, the voluntary market, cap  and trade, etc.) in the various negotiation groups and side events. If you have a chance, we would appreciate reports on the various events you have been attending. In particular, we are interested in the following information:

Name and organizer of the event

Main purpose of the event

Was there any consideration of the market in the discussion?

If so, what percentage of the discussion was devoted to market issues (less than 25%; 26-50%; 51-75%; more than 75%) If so, what was the nature of the market discussion (e.g. a technical discussion of market mechanisms, a backdrop to other considerations, the role of investment, etc.) If so, what perspective was reflected in the discussion (pro-market; anti-market; neutral, etc.)

If you don’t have the time or inclination to send us reports on individual events, we would also be interested in short reflections on your impressions on the role of the carbon market discussion at  Copenhagen. Please be sure to clarify the types of events you’ve been  attending.

Please send contributions to either Matt Hoffmann (>>) or Michele Betsill (>>).

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Michele, Matt and Mat


Michele Betsill

Associate Professor

Clark B350

Department of Political Science

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523



Founder and Co-Leader, Environmental Governance Working Group>

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