Climate Change Eduation Training Programs

Dear Colleagues,

Dickinson College invites applications to participate in two programs for interdisciplinary teaching about climate change. The programs are briefly described below. Further details and application forms can be downloaded from

The application deadline is April 23, 2010.

Changing Planet Faculty Study Group: a learning community to support interdisciplinary teaching about Earth science and human dimensions of climate change. Members of the study group will participate in a four-day workshop to that will take place July 19-22 on the Dickinson College campus in Carlisle, PA and other activities over the 2010-2011 academic year. The program is appropriate for arts and humanities, social science and natural science faculty members.

Climate Modeling and Data Applications Workshop: A workshop is being offered August 9-12 at Dickinson College to provide training in the use of the Educational Global Climate model (EdGCM), and a data visualization tool, Terraviva!SEDAC, for undergraduate teaching.  EdGCM is a software package that was developed at Columbia University and NASA/GISS to integrate a computer climate model with a user interface that simplifies setting up, running, and analyzing climate model experiments ( The climate model is a real research tool that is used by NASA scientists – but has been used successfully by undergraduate teachers and students. Terraviva!SEDAC is a tool for analysis, integration, and visualization of social, economic, and environmental data ( No mathematical modeling, computer modeling, or GIS skills are needed, just comfort working with spreadsheets.

These opportunities are supported by a NASA cooperative agreement with Dickinson College, “Cooling the Liberal Arts Curriculum, a Campaign for Climate Change Education at 4- and 2-Year Liberal Arts Colleges.” Partners in the project include the Harrisburg Area Community Collge, Northampton Community College, Montgomery County Community College, Montgomery College, the Center for Climate System Research at Columbia University, and the Socioeconomic Data Analysis Center at Columbia University. Priority for participation in these two programs is given to faculty members from the partner colleges, but 10 spaces are reserved in each program for faculty members from other colleges and universities.


Neil Leary


Neil Leary

Director, Center for Environmental & Sustainability Education

Dickinson College

PO Box 1773

Carlisle, PA 17013   USA

Tel: +1 717-245-1954


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