Empirical Survey of Climate Change Litigation in the U.S.

Dear Colleagues:

Dave Markell and I have collected and coded for a variety of attributes all of the active and resolved pieces of climate change litigation in the United States, covering 139 cases in all. We will be publishing a descriptive survey of our findings in the Environmental Law Reporter in July and thought prior to that we would solicit your input on the current draft, which can be downloaded (including all tables, figures, and coding categories) here:


We plan to develop a more analytical treatment of the findings later, and would appreciate your ideas about what might be included in such a discussion. Also, we will be posting the data spreadsheet on a publicly accessible URL later this summer, and hope to update the database each year. We’d appreciate any suggestions about how to expand or refine our coding categories.

As we say in the abstract and the article, we hope for this to be a continuing and open-access project, so your input on all of the above and anything else that occurs to you will truly be useful to us, as we hope our work is useful to you.

All the best,


J.B. Ruhl

Matthews & Hawkins Professor of Property

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FSU page: http://www.law.fsu.edu/faculty/jruhl.html

SSRN page: http://ssrn.com/author=178128

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