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To accompany the U.S. climate litigation chart with which some of you are familiar, we have created a non-U.S. climate litigation chart. Both charts can be accessed through the URL below.  The non-U.S. chart has 38 cases from six countries plus various European Union tribunals. (The country with the most entries is Australia, with 16, followed by E.U. tribunals, with eight, and the U.K., with six.)  The chart includes short summaries of each case, and in most instances a link to the decision itself. We have worked hard to assemble the chart but we are not confident that it captures every relevant case, especially from the non-English-speaking countries; we would be most appreciative if people could send us any cases we are missing.

We have also prepared a draft working paper, “International Executive Agreements on Climate Change,” concerning the legal abilities of the President of the U.S. to enter into binding international agreements without the 67 votes needed for Senate ratification of a treaty. Comments on this draft are most welcome.  It can be accessed from the front page of the Center for Climate Change Law’s website via our new, more user-friendly URL:

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