New Open Access Journal

From David Duthie at UNEP:

Today, I stumbled – this is the term for using the internet without using Google – upon Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews – WIREs Climate Change – a new publishing effort to create a cross-disciplinary platform for climate change.

The first issue of WIREs CC is just available online, as is a series of Editorial Commentaries from the 14 sub-sections of the online journal (see list below my signature).

These are mostly available open access and provide a nice set of short, but densely referenced, overviews from authors who have been working for many years at each respective “coalface” (perhaps not the best metaphor to use these days?!).

The ToC of the first issue is available here:

and the Early Online Editorials are at:

A nice (rare?) combination of the rigour of peer-review, coupled with escape from academic “silos”,and the twin advantages of brevity – each editorial is just a few pages – yet well-referenced for further research.

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