UCAR Spark Webinar on Climate Modeling

UCAR Spark (formerly UCAR Education & Outreach) will be presenting a webinar (online web-based seminar) in collaboration with NSTA on Monday, June 11th. The webinar runs from 4:30-6 PM Mountain Time (6:30-8 PM Eastern). It is free, but you must register to attend. Registration and more info are available at NSTA’s site at:


The webinar is titled “Teaching Climate with Models: Breathing of the Earth”. It is the first in a series of 4 webinars; the other three will be scheduled throughout the 2012-13 academic year.

Randy Russell of UCAR Spark and Professor Scott Denning of Colorado State University will be presenting the webinar. Scott is a very dynamic and articulate speaker; if you haven’t had a chance to hear him present, we recommend you take advantage of this opportunity. The webinar covers aspects of the carbon cycle and modeling, with a special emphasis on changes to the carbon cycle caused by increased carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning and other human activities. The webinar includes several new animations created by Randy depicting the “carbon bathtub model”, a conceptual model that helps students understand how carbon flows into and out of the atmosphere and how carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere.

The webinar will be archived; you can view it later if you are unable to attend the live presentation. However, we recommend the “live” showing if you can make it; there will be opportunities for you to ask questions of the presenters which are not afforded in the archived version.
More information is also available on Spark’s web site at:

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