UNFCCC Audio Files on Joint Implementation

The UNFCCC secretariat has produced 12 audio files to help spread the word about the joint implementation.


The audio files explain in plain language which countries can participate, what are the Emission Reduction Units, what methodologies can be used, as well as which is the role of the UNFCCC secretariat, Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee, Designated Focal Points and Accredited Independent Entities.


They also provide further details about the project cycle and advice on what to do if you have an idea for a project. Please visit the link below:




These audio files are in the public domain. Their use, including embedding and reproduction, is highly encouraged

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2 thoughts on “UNFCCC Audio Files on Joint Implementation

  1. You remaining jesters of climate doom:
    We all agree on pollution but very few voters anymore are bowing to the mistake of CO2 killing the planet with unstoppable warming. The new deniers and fake planet lovers are the remaining doomers who tried to split environmentalism, but the majority of voters NOW are the massive majority of voters and voters have the consensus that really matters, not the few fools sitll surrendering themselves to out dated Disco science. Obama never even mentioned the CRISIS in his state of the union and did you see the scientists marching in the streets in protest to be heard about their dire warnings of catastrophic climate h e l l ? They were subbed by Obama and they did NOTHING and American IPCC funding was let go and the scientists didn't host Saturday Night Live or go on the View. So where were these thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of countless CONSENSUS scientists who always somehow out numbered the protestors for 25 years of the climate change mistake?

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