Utah and CC

The Utah House of Representative in the United States has passed a resolution declaring climate change a hoax, indeed perhaps a conspiracy, and it has called for suspension of pertinent federal regulations:


This might be a good jumping off point to discuss the current status of climate change science and whether “Climategate” warrants responses such as this.

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3 thoughts on “Utah and CC

  1. You have a blog roll seemingly of top climate science sites, but nowhere on it appear the most important ones, such as climateaudit.org, wattsupwiththat.com, noconsensus.wordpress.com, etc. Who are you trying to fool? The people will find these things — you cannot prevent it. If you can't answer serious criticisms from serious people, then you have lost the debate.

    In this instance you are getting caught out on a limb by backing fraudsters and charlatans. Your window of time to escape with dignity is rapidly closing — may already be closed. Sorry.

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    • The climategate emails do nothing to undermine the fundamental tenets of climate science. Read the responses on this site or Realclimate and then provide specific responses to those arguments instead of this blanket statement.

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    • Our links section provides ample resources to the credible sites of skeptics. Thanks for your additional suggestions.

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