Another blow to the skeptics: Warming Hasn’t Stopped

In a paper to be submitted for peer review, NASA scientists say that the
planet has not experienced a cooling trend in the last decade, as some
have claimed.
22 Mar 2010: NASA Study Concludes
That No Cooling Evident in Past Decade
A comprehensive analysis of global air and sea temperatures by NASA
climatologists shows that the planet has not experienced a cooling trend
in the past decade and is continuing to warm at a rate of about .3
degrees F per decade. The NASA scientists, affiliated with the Goddard
Institute for Space

Goddard Institute for Space Studies Global warming trends
Studies, said the warming trend has continued despite the sun’s
irradiative power being at one of its lowest points in a century. The
preliminary study, which NASA scientist James Hansen said will be
submitted soon to a peer-reviewed scientific journal, said that only one
of the past 10 winters and two of the past 10 summers were cooler than
the long-term average in recent decades. And despite a snowy winter in
the eastern U.S. and parts of Europe, 2010 is shaping up to be perhaps
the hottest year on record, the NASA scientists concluded after looking
at EL Nino conditions and other global weather patterns. The NASA
analysis refutes a study by well-respected atmospheric scientist Susan
Solomon and her colleagues at the National Center for Atmospheric
Research. That study claimed that the trend in global surface
temperatures “has been nearly flat since the 1990s” — a
contention the NASA scientists say is refuted by the latest data.

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