Climate Wiki: Climate Lab Networks

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed.Dear Colleagues, I am very pleased to announce Climate Lab’s public launch of Climate Lab Networks, a new online network for sharing and accessing open-source climate change information. In 2009, Climate Lab launched, an interactive wiki website where users can collaboratively author [...]

New Climate Business Game

FYI, for potential use by instructors who include simulations in their classes. Dear all, please have a look at our new climate business game CEO2 Climate Business Leaders wanted: WWF and Allianz are calling on the internet-community worldwide to test climate business strategies online While politics and a lot of companies are losing precious [...]

New critique of geoengineering by Clive Hamilton

NEW PAPER ON GEOENGINEERING In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film, Dr Strangelove was the unhinged US general who risked nuclear apocalypse by ordering a first strike against the Soviet Union. The character was modelled on Dr Edward Teller, “the father of the hydrogen bomb”. In the 1990s, Teller and his colleague at the Lawrence Livermore National [...]