Call for Papers on the Ethics of SRM

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Call for Papers on the Ethics of SRM.

Interest in the idea of deliberately altering the climate in order to
mitigate the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change has
recently accelerated dramatically. While there was a rush of books
and articles published in 2010 on geoengineering from a popular and a
scientific perspective, there has still been relatively little
published devoted to the ethical, legal, and social issues. Yet it is
widely acknowledged that these issues – rather than the scientific or
technical ones – may be the determining factors about whether or not
to proceed. To fill this gap, we are issuing a call for papers for an
anthology that will clearly and insightfully articulate the ethical
territory surrounding solar radiation management.

Topics being sought for the anthology include risk, precaution, and
uncertainty; social, procedural, and environmental justice; the moral
hazard and the technological fix; public trust in science;
environmental ethics; privatization and vested interests; the natural
and the artificial: public participation; vulnerable populations;
governance; and other topics. We are requesting 5000-8000 word
original contributions (single-authored or co-authored).

This will be a scholarly anthology. However, given the
interdisciplinary nature of the ethical, legal, and social issues, we
ask that you write in a style suitable for an engaged and multi-
disciplinary audience.

Please contact Christopher Preston ()
if you are interested in contributing. If you have colleagues or
friends also interested in these topics, please let them know about
the anthology and/or pass their names on to Christopher.

The deadline for submission is August 1st, 2011.

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