Call for Papers: Journal of Renewable Energy Law & Policy

Call for Papers: Renewable Energy Promotion in non-OECD countries

The Journal of Renewable Energy Law & Policy is welcoming abstracts for its upcoming issue scheduled for publication in June 2011.

The issue will feature a special section on Renewable Energy Promotion in non-OECD countries – abstracts on legal and policy aspects on this topic are especially welcome. The issue will be edited by the new Editor, Dominic Marcellino.

The Journal of Renewable Energy Law and Policy provides a platform for review and discussion, both in Europe and internationally, of the legal and policy issues surrounding renewable energy. The journal reports on the dynamic and quickly changing developments taking place in Europe and around the world in the renewable energy sector, from bio-energy, solar and wind power to developing technologies like fuel cells and nuclear fusion.

Contributions should address regulatory and policy aspects relating to renewable energy, including, but not limited to:

1.     Promotion of renewables: e.g. financial, tax, and other incentives to encourage renewables; the evolving relationship of policies, programmes and projects;

2.     Challenges: e.g. technical, economic, policy, legal, and other (NIMBY, etc.) issues impeding the installation of renewable energy;

3.     Cross-cutting issues: e.g. the interplay of renewable and climate policies; development policy and renewables; energy security and renewables; and consumer issues, like electricity prices and renewables.

4.     Case Studies: role of national legal frameworks, international comparative studies, successful contractual arrangements, etc.

Abstracts should be sent to by 14 January 2011. Authors will be informed by 28 January 2011 on the outcome of the initial review process. Final manuscripts will be due by 4 March 2011.

In order to ensure quick turnaround and policy relevance, articles should be concise, ranging from 2.500-4.500 words in length. Commentaries on recent judicial decisions, new legislation, and other developments can range from 1.500 to 2.500 words.

The Journal of Renewable Energy Law & Policy is published on a quarterly basis under the guidance of a distinguished editorial board. The journal brings together representatives from the legal discipline and other stakeholders in one specialized journal, allowing them to engage in a dynamic debate on the policies and laws of climate change. For further details on the journal and an archive of past issues, please visit the website at:

For further information on the editorial process, submissions on other topics or general questions relating to the journal, kindly contact the editor at . Please feel free to forward this call for papers to interested colleagues.

Apologies for cross-posting.

With sincere regards,

Dominic Marcellino
on behalf of the editorial board

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