Climate Leader Online Course

Climate Interactive invites you to join us for The Climate Leader, an online course to better understand the interconnections and pathways to addressing our complex climate challenge. Through The Climate Leader, we will share some time-tested insights developed at MIT’s business school that we will apply to taking action on climate.

The Climate Leader will be led by Climate Interactive co-directors Beth Sawin and Drew Jones who have decades of experience helping groups navigate the challenges they face using systems thinking. The first Climate Leader course will be this fall.

Whether you are top government official or working within a small community group, The Climate Leader will offer you some practical and proven approaches for:

  • navigating complex issues
  • enhancing strategy
  • drawing on your own rational brilliance
  • using your own deep intuitive instincts

The course will help you answer questions like:

  • How can I best look at the big picture, and why is that so useful?
  • How do I identify places in my work that will have the most impact?
  • How can my efforts best be amplified?
  • What are the root causes of the challenge I’m facing?

The first course will cover things like feedback loops and techniques for mapping complex economic, social, and environmental systems to identify paths forward on climate. Later courses will cover using Climate Interactive’s suite of user-friendly climate and energy simulators, such as C-ROADS, or be specific to particular audiences.

The course is free, although if you can, we’d love you to donate to support us. In return for what we provide, we expect you will use what you can to make a difference, share what you like, and give us feedback. Our strategy is: we help you, you help us, and together we will do our best to win on climate.

If this sounds useful to your work, please join us by signing up at We will be in touch with more details, as we get closer to launching the program. 



p.s. Please share with any colleagues or networks that may be interested.



Ellie Johnston

Climate Interactive

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