Global Carbon Data, hot off the press

The Global Carbon Project has just published the new global carbon budget and carbon trend analyses including 2010.

Key findings and analyses include:

* CO2 emissions grew 5.9% in 2010 to reach 9.1 GtC (33.5Gt CO2), overcoming a 1.4% decrease in CO2 emissions in 2009

* Including land-use change and deforestation, in 2010 emissions reached 10.0 GtC (36.8 Gt CO2)

* A comparison of the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis with other major economic crises

* Update of CO2 emissions from both production and consumption in individual countries to 2010

* As of 2009 developing countries now emit more than developed countries in terms of consumption, and China now emits more than the US in terms of consumption

* Analysis of recent trends in emissions and the fossil fuel intensity of the global economy

* An update of the key components in the global carbon budget to 2010


A commentary/correspondence with the major findings has just been published online at Nature Climate Change


The highlights, complete ppt with figures, datasets for download, and other related information is available at


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