New Resource on Geoengineering

Dear Dr   Burns,

As a member of environmentalresearchweb, I’d like to bring to your attention to the new Geoengineering page which brings you all the latest advances in research, ethics and policy in this controversial area.

Conveniently bringing together all environmentalresearchweb’s content on the topic in one easy-to-access location, the Geoengineering community page is already proving popular. The latest news article reports on research that suggests that small-scale geoengineering projects will be the least risky. Damon Matthews of Concordia University, Canada, comes to this conclusion by drawing parallels with biological interventions such as the introduction of the cane toad to Australia to keep cane beetle numbers in check. The original research paper is published in the ERL Focus Issue on Geoengineering – you can access other papers in the Focus Issue directly from the Geoengineering community page.


If you have friends and colleagues who may also be interested in catching up with the latest content from environmentalresearchweb, please forward this email onto them.

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Liz Kalaugher, Editor
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