New Version of the Climate “Building” Illustration

Dear colleagues,

You may recall our climate change building illustration from last December. The new version of the building illustration is ready ( It includes a reflection on post-Copenhagen developments as well as suggestions received from many of you, for which we would like to thank you.

The building is a work in progress. Please, have a look and let us know what can be added. Feel free to use and distribute the illustration (Creative Commons). We would appreciate it if you inform us about your use of the illustration by e-mail at [email protected]

You are also welcome to download and print the 2010 Climate Change Calendar (  

We are working on a few more awareness building and didactic tools for climate change governance. Updated info will be sent via this list. If you want to partner with us in awareness building and capacity development activities please let us know at [email protected]

Best regards, Jovan Kurbalija

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