Special Climate Geoengineering Issue

FYI. The Tulsa Law Review has just released a special symposium issue on climate change geoengineering; I have included the Table of Contents below. wil

Tulsa Law Review

Volume 46                                             Spring 2011                                               Number 2




Geoengineering and Climate Management:

From Marginality To Inevitability                                   Jay Michaelson       221


Framing The Social, Political, And

Environmental Risks And Benefits

Of Geoengineering: Balancing The Hard-

To-Imagine Against The Hard-To-Measure                       Gareth Davies       261


Geoengineering the Climate:

An Overview of Solar Radiation

Management Options                                               William C.G. Burns       283


Geoengineering and International Law:

The Search For Common Legal Ground                               Ralph Bodle       305


Colorado Residential Property Owners

And Their Cloudy Right To

Precipitation Capture                                                     Ryan S. Hansen       323


A Navigational System For Uncharted Waters:

The London Convention And London

Protocol’s Assessment Framework

On Ocean Iron Fertilization                                                Melissa Eick       351




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  1. Hi Wil – can you advise of how (or if) I can gain access to the issue or articles? I have found the papers by yourself and Gareth Davies online, but had no success with the Jay Michaelson paper. I have looked at the Tulsa Law Review website, and subscribed, but could not see how to access the issue through the site.


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    • Dear Paul. Sorry, didn\’t see this message until now. Please contact Professor Rex Zedalis at Tulsa: .

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