Tracking Corporate Climate Performance


I am pleased to announce today’s release of the fourth annual Climate Counts Company Scorecard.  Since 2007, has been scoring large, consumer-oriented companies on their efforts to address climate change. Despite continued challenges to make meaningful progress in Washington DC and Cancun/Copenhagen, many global companies are showing sustained commitment to demonstrating how voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and innovative, well-managed business go hand in hand.  We’ve announced updated scores for 90 companies (in 12 sectors, representing approximately 3000 brands), and overall scores are up 14% from last year.  For the first time, the average overall score exceeds 50 points (on a 100 point scale), up from a 31-point average in 2007.

We’re also pleased this year to additionally acknowledge 21 companies that have actively supported efforts to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation and/or reach a binding international agreement on climate.

The release and scores summary are attached (release also appears below).  Please visit or our Facebook page to learn more.

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Climate action = 21st century business innovation

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