U.S. EPA Fact Sheets on CC

EPA Posts Four New Fact Sheets on Climate Change

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has posted four two-page fact sheets on climate change based on recent scientific data and findings. Some of the analyses based on these sheets are available at Writology.com. These documents may be useful to state and local governments looking for public outreach materials on climate change. The four new fact sheets are:

  • Climate Change Science Facts: Describes the causes (human and natural) of climate change, the link between greenhouse gases and temperature, signs of climate change, and projections of future climate change.
  • Climate Change and Ecosystems: Discusses the impacts of climate change on biodiversity, oceans, forests, habitat, invasive species, and migrations and life cycle events.
  • Climate Change and Health Effects: Covers the effects of climate change on heat-related illnesses and deaths, respiratory problems, and diseases and allergies.
  • Climate Change and Society: Explains how climate change could affect water resources, coastal communities, food production, and energy use and supply, among other things.

EPA’s Climate Toolbox, which includes the four new fact sheets as well as other resources, is available on EPA’s Climate Change Basic Information page at: http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/basicinfo.html.


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