Online Simulation Resources for Teaching Climate Change Science

Sometimes you need a lot of resources if you want to produce the text of the best quality and don't wish to order an essay. A valuable resource that I ran across recently to help teach the science/policy options side of climate change is the C-Learn Climate Simulation developed by Climate Interactive. The simulation facilitates the students’ exploration of the implications of changing critical parameters, including future emissions of developed and developing countries, increased emissions from deforestation and dereates in emissions from sequestration related to afforestation. The resource might be particularly useful in conjunction with simulated post-2012 climate change negotiation exercises (which will be discussed soon on this site).

Another valuable resource on the site is the Climate Bathtub Simulation, which demonstrates to students the implications of increasing, stabilized or declining emissions on future atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions. The resource is particularly valuable for demonstrating the implications of positive and negative feedbacks, and the implications of inertia in the climatic system.

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