Country Factsheets on Emissions, Etc.

For the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Ecofys prepared a series of country factsheets. The factsheets include greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, sectoral trends, emission reduction costs and climate policies for 61 countries as well as Annex I, the world and non Annex I. They are valuable references for the negotiations during [...]

Micronesian Request for Transboundary EIA

Climate victims fight back
Small island state challenges future of Czech coal plant
Prague 15 December 2009 – The Czech Ministry of Environment publicly confirmed today that it has received a request from the Federated States of Micronesia for a transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of its biggest coal-fired power plant, Prunerov (1). This is the first [...]

Dispatch from Copenhagen

As heads of state arrive in Copenhagen, the two main ad-hoc negotiating sessions (one on the future of the Kyoto Protocol, the other on “long-term cooperative action”) worked late Tuesday night to finish their work. The delegates are looking exhausted today.
The report of the long-term cooperation action group, which was formed to negotiate a comprehensive [...]