Water Use and Plantation Forestry

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I often talk about the potential impacts of proposed carbon offsets, including tree planting to facilitate carbon sequestration. The resources below are excellent examples of one important impact, serious draw down of water resources in some regions.


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Plantation Trees and Water Use:

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Seventy years of Jonkershoek Paired Catchment Experiments A Tour with Arthur Chapman Plantations use significant amounts of water and South Africa is an arid country. In this documentary Arthur Chapman from One World Sustainable Investments (previously CSIR) takes us on a tour and shares with us the background of seventy years of hydrological research in the Jonkershoek Valley and how the paired catchment experiments work, and how much water trees really use. The intention of the documentary is educational, and to be used as a platform for further discussions. This documentary is a GeaSphere / EcoDoc Africa collaboration and made possible with funds from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of GeaSphere, EcoDoc Africa or SSNC. This video was produced and edited by Liane Greeff, video footage were filmed by Roy MacGregor and Liane Greeff. Original music: Roy MacGregor. Project planning: Liane Greeff and Philip Owen. Thanks to Janet Botes for graphics on watershed plantations and eucalyptus trees, and to Guy Preston, Willem de Lange, Deidre May and Wally Menne for additional photographs and visuals.

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