Climate Science Literacy Course

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Registration is now open for the next iteration of the course entitled “Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Conversations”.  Please see below for further information, and follow the link to register.  This course is available for open enrolment, and is also part of the Decision Making for Climate Change certificate (collaboratively offered by the University of British Columbia, Northwestern University, University of California-Irvine, and the University of Washington).



Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Conversations

Learn to converse about climate change with confidence and diplomacy by taking part in this online course which explores the basic terms and concepts needed to understand system relationships between atmosphere, ocean, land and life. Explore the science behind climate change, including the climate system, causes of global warming, climate modeling and climate forecasting. Analyze demographic, economic, technological and political factors, mitigation and adaptation strategies, and policy options. 30 hours.

Note: Course hours include text and video lectures, as well as online discussions. Readings, assignments and course projects are completed outside of course hours.

Hours: 30 hours over 10 weeks

Fees: $935

Upcoming Offerings: Summer 2011 & Winter 2012

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