Islands adapting to climate change?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed.Research by Arthur Webb (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission) and Paul Kench (Auckland University) suggests that islands may be changing in reponse to sea level rise.  The study finds that 23 of 27 islands studied have either grown or remained constant despite significant sea [...]

Health Impacts of Climate Change

Readers may find the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recent publication, A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change, noteworthy. It provides an accessible discussion of existing knowledge and research needs pertaining the strikingly wide array of health impacts related to climate change, organized into 11 broad topics. Greater awareness of the probable direct impacts [...]

Today’s Gallup Poll

Blog readers might be interested to see the Gallup poll results released today showing that fewer people felt the environment was an “extremely important” or “very important” issue than any of the six other issues raised.  Among Republicans, only 16% said “the environment, including global warming” was “extremely important,” while 34% of Democrats ranked the [...]

Society for Law and Economics

The Second Annual Meeting of the Society for Law and Economics is ongoing.  This year’s conference is hosted by Emory Law School and includes several papers/presentations on climate change.  Details are available here.

NOAA Climate Service

A few days ago, the Obama administration announced plans to create a new Climate Service within NOAA.  The new Climate Service will initially concentrate on making climate science information more accessible and usable.  This strikes me as an eminently sensible plan that will both increase efficiency of governmental study of climate change and, hopefully, help [...]

Multimedia Addressing Carbon Market Issues

PBS Frontline & the Center for Investigative Reporting have launched a website linking to a variety of interviews, program segments and reports touching on some key issues emerging in carbon markets.  The materials are accessible and well-crafted, making them very suitable to provide students’ with an introduction to issues such as REDD’s potential impacts on [...]

Public Perception: Experts & Opinions

Last week Wil Burns commented on the “climate-gate” controversy noting that it is an important issue because “perception can be reality.”  A couple of recent news articles shed a bit of light on just how important this may be.  The Washington Post reports poll results showing that “four in 10 Americans now saying that they place [...]

REDD & Financing

AP reports that talks over REDD are faltering because developed countries are not willing to finance developing country readiness for the program. This is not surprising since financing disputes have repeatedly limited the development of international environmental law. The significance of financing disputes are nowhere more apparent than in the history of efforts to secure a [...]

AP Investigation of “Climate-gate”

AP published an article today reporting on its review over 1,000 emails related to the so-called “climate-gate scandal.”  For the article, five AP reporters read (and re-read) the roughly 1 million words in the emails “for context.”  The conclusions are not likely to surprise those of us who spend much of our working lives thinking about climate change policy:  science addressing issues with deep social [...]

Sea Level Rise: Article on Impacts of Shore Protection and the Issues At Stake in “Stop the Beach Renourishment v. FDEP”

A recent study by 12 authors from governmental, academic and non-governmental organizations highlights what may be at stake in cases such as Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection  (being argued before the US Supreme Court on Wednesday, Dec. 2) and Severance v. Patterson.  In addition to the article reporting the study, the [...]

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