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FYI. This is an excellent source for first-rate photography associated with climate change, with an excellent system of categorization.


Greetings to all:    As the season turns, concern and activism about rapid climate change looks toward the political system, local action and education, and preparation for the COP-16 in Mexico.

This work can be augmented by World View of Global Warming, , which exists since 1999 to provide an independent visual and personal witness to rapid climate change and its implications.  Our photographs, books, exhibits and reports have been effectively used by the United Nations and large publishing companies — and by NGOs and schools of all sizes.  New images and reports are added constantly, most recently coverage of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill including an article for Vanity Fair’s website.

A reference to World View of Global Warming coverage of the oil spill in the The Forum on Religion and Ecology Newsletter 4.9 (September 2010) says  ”The active ripples of this disaster include effects on community, jobs, income and health, and damaged ecosystem functions on which millions of lives depend. [It] illustrates the link between the warming atmosphere – brought to everyone’s attention this summer by record high temperatures and the flooding in Pakistan – and our overuse of fossil fuels…”

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