Exploring the Environment-Global Climate Change (ETE-GCC) project pilot testing for middle/high school teachers

The Exploring the Environment-Global Climate Change (ETE-GCC) project (ete.cet.edu/gcc) announces that five modules are ready for pilot testing: Global Temperatures, Ice Caps and Sea Levels, Human Health, Volcanoes, and Drought. We welcome the insights and recommendations from middle and high school teachers who agree to help us pilot test these problem-based learning activities. We hope pre-service teachers will also consider being part of this collaborative process as well.

The new ETE-GCC problem-based learning (PBL) modules present an updated theoretical approach to problem-based learning that builds on the legacy Exploring the Environment (Legacy ETE) problem-based learning modules (www.cotf.edu/ete).  Accompanying the modules are teacher pages that discuss improved pedagogical strategies for problem-based learning to address climate science topics and concepts. The ETE-GCC modules updates and expands existing ETE PBL modules with new material that focuses climate change indicators and data resources. Each module includes featured data that incorporate current NASA satellite images and data tools for studying global climate topics.

If you’d like to join the pilot testing process for the new modules, educators can sign up by sending an email to [email protected] or by requesting access to the site by selecting LOG IN on the ETE-GCC homepage: ete.cet.edu/gcc .

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