New online climate course by UBC

Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations

This free online course from the University of British Columbiaintroduces the basics of the Earth’s climate system, climate models and predictions, the natural and human impacts of climate change, potential responses, and the evolution of climate policy.

You will learn how to:

§  Analyze the science behind climate change

§  Assess the demographic, economic and political factors that accelerate climate change

§  Evaluate mitigation strategies that address the causes of climate change

§  Explain key adaptation strategies that help us respond to climate change

§  Investigate the links between climate change and economic resilience, health, poverty, and environmental problems such as biodiversity and water quality

Course instructors

§  Dr. Sara Harris, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, UBC

DDr. Sarah Burch, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC

Register for free at

View the course introduction on YouTube (2:06).

About this course

 Climate Literacy is delivered as a MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – through Coursera and is sponsored by UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.

Learn with others worldwide. Starts May 20, 2013.

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