UNU Course on Climate Change Resilience

The UN University (UNU) has launched a call for applications for its postgraduate programme on building resilience to climate change, scheduled to take place from 13 September-1 October 2010, in Tokyo, Japan.

The three-week programme is organized by the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) and developed under the framework of the University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research (UN-CECAR). The courses will cover a range of issues on sustainability and adaptation to climate and ecosystems change, including: climate and atmospheric science; impacts assessment; climate and society; ecosystems resilience; risk and uncertainty; integrated solutions for mitigation and adaptation; and mainstreaming adaptation into development planning and community-based adaptation.

Students will also receive practical training in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and in downscaling rainfall forecasts. The deadline for applying to the programme is 15 July 2010 for overseas applicants, and 31 July 2010 for students currently residing in Japan. [UNU-ISP Website]

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