New Publication on Climate Change and Coastal Zones

The Stimson Center is pleased to announce the publication of a collaborative volume examining the emerging climate and environmental stresses on coastal areas of the Indian Ocean and the resulting challenges confronting coastal planners and decision makers in a warming world.  In Coastal Zones and Climate Change, experts from the Indian Ocean region and from Stimson assess the prospective risks to coastal ecosystems and infrastructure, evaluate the opportunities and obstacles for technological innovations and climate adaptation strategies, and explore how policies and institutions must evolve to ensure the sustainable management of coastal resources and the resilience of coastal communities.

The collected papers include:

Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Ecosystems in the Indian Ocean Region

Nirmalie Pallewatta – University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: Issues and Challenges for Coastal Communities in the Indian Ocean Region

Nazria Islam, Golam Rabbani, and A. Atiq Rahman – Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies

Impacts and Implications of Climate Change for the Coastal Zones of Egypt

Mohamed El Raey – University of Alexandria, Egypt

Small Island Developing States: Incubators of Innovative Adaptation and Sustainable Technologies?

Alain De Comarmond – Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport, Republic of Seychelles

Rolph Payet – Special Advisor to the President, Republic of Seychelles

Adaptation Policies in the Coastal Zones of the Indian Ocean Region: Challenges, Opportunities, Strategies

Poh Poh Wong – National University of Singapore

The Policy Challenges: Looking Ahead

David Michel – The Stimson Center

The book can be freely downloaded as a complete volume or by chapters at:

A limited number of hard copies will also be available by contacting:

Corey Sobel

The Stimson Center

1111 19th Street NW, Twelfth Floor

Washington, DC 20036  USA

Phone: + 1 202 223 5956


Also available are:

Troubled Waters: Climate Change, Hydropolitics, and Transboundary Resources

Indian Climate Policy: Choices and Challenges

Exploiting Natural Resources: Growth, Instability, and Conflict in the Middle East and Asia

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