WRI Seeks Feedback on Communication of Climate Concepts Approaches

See the message below from the World Resources Institute. Beyond liking to help WRI, I found the different approaches to be interesting from a pedagogical perspective. There are also a couple of other options to view on the site.


Climate science is difficult to communicate effectively. WRI is trying to understand how recent climate science discoveries can best be communicated via video. With support from Google, and with the help of three scientists, WRI produced 3 different video types in order to test which works best:

  1. “A webcam talk” uses a self-recorded video of the scientist discussing his findings
  2. “A conversation” uses a slideshow with a voiceover of the scientist discussing his findings
  3. “A whiteboard talk” is a professionally shot video of the scientist in front of whiteboard discussing his findings

We need your help. Which of these video communication methods is most effective?

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