Unitar Course on Climate Change and Trade

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Trade and Climate Change

The World Trade Institute (WTI) in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) offers e-Learning courses in the field of international trade policy and regulation. The four week long courses are designed specifically for officials and professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of international trade. The courses are entirely delivered via the internet, including thematic online discussions moderated by instructors who possess in-depth knowledge and experience of current trade challenges and issues. Certificates of Completion shall be awarded to successful course participants.

The upcoming course is entitled ”Trade and Climate Change”. The course, mentored by Dr. A. E. Appleton, will be offered from 20 June to 15 July 2011. One controversial element of the climate change debate is the relationship between trade agreements and measures to mitigate the effects of climate change. This course explores key legal and economic issues arising from the climate change debate, including the relationship between the WTO Agreement and multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) that address climate change. The course examines the legality under international trade rules of domestic and international trade measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as measures designed to influence the behaviour of trading partners. Issues addressed include: subsidies and countervailing duties, border tax adjustments, the use of technical regulations and standards to address climate change, how the WTO Agreement treats process and production methods (PPMs) that emit greenhouse gas emissions, and the WTO negotiations on environmental goods and services. Particular attention will be devoted to developing country concerns, including the economic implications for developing countries of WTO rules and MEAs affecting climate change, as well as intellectual property protection issues and technology transfer, including their role in mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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