Utah and CC

The Utah House of Representative in the United States has passed a resolution declaring climate change a hoax, indeed perhaps a conspiracy, and it has called for suspension of pertinent federal regulations: http://www.triplepundit.com/2010/02/house-resolution-passed-in-utah-climate-change-a-conspiracy/ This might be a good jumping off point to discuss the current status of climate change science and whether “Climategate” warrants responses [...]

Can We Test Geoengineering Without Potential Consequences?

A very recent piece in Science, Robock, et al., A Test for Geoengineering?, 327 Science 530-31 (2010) provides an excellent critique of why one of the chief claims of proponents of solar radiation management geoengineering (most prominently, injecting sulfur dioxide or other particles into the stratosphere to reflect incoming solar radiation), that we can start [...]