New Pew Video on Interface of CC/National Security

Climate Patriots is a short video that provides a military perspective on energy, climate change and American national security.  The Pew Project on National Security, Energy and Climate conducted a series of interviews with former military leaders to discuss the challenges posed to the U.S. armed forces due to the impacts of climate change and [...]

New review of Copenhagen

There are, of course, many reviews of COP15 that one can assign to students, including a number that have been reviewed recently on the blog. However, one of the best ones I’ve reviewed to date is: Benito Mueller, Copenhagen 2009: Failure or Final Wake-Up Call for Our Leaders?, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Feb. 2010. Mueller [...]

For instructors in climate change courses that like to include multi-media presentations in their lectures or readings, I would suggest checking out The focus of the site is interviews with policymakers, academics and members of the NGO community on issues associated with international climate change negotiations and climate science, including the COPs, the Ad-Hoc [...]